How Successful People Make the Most of Their Baby Shower Gender Reveal

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How Successful People Make the Most of Their Baby Shower Gender Reveal

We all know that baby showers are a time to celebrate and show off your new baby and spouse, but what do successful and high-achievers do to take the event to the next level? If you’re a parent-to-be and you’re looking for ideas for how to make your baby shower truly memorable, we’ve got you covered. We’ve interviewed successful and high-achieving parents who give us their baby shower planning tips and reveal how they turned their baby showers into memorable celebrations.

Baby Shower Planning

To turn your baby shower into a life-changing event, you need a plan. In fact, Kimberly Taylor, a senior marketing executive at Adidas, had one of the most memorable baby showers of our interviewees. Taylor received some absolutely perfect gift cards to Bloomingdale’s, and, in preparation for the shower, she dressed the baby in outfits for each outfit category.

“I did the whole theme: bears, animals, etc. Then, when I was done, I stuck a toy on each belly and tied the bows with ribbons. I dressed the baby in the outfits and hung ribbons from each outfit to tie it all together,” she said. “It ended up being perfect. I know my friend had no idea, but it was perfect. It definitely made the shower extra special.”

It’s clear that having a plan will help you plan an amazing shower.

What to do at the shower?

These parents share their advice for hosting an event like no other including baby shower venues:

“My favorite part of baby showers are the cards,” shares Isabella Gottleib. She went on to detail the cards she received from her guests: “Some were adorable, some made me laugh, and some had incredibly sweet messages, but I found myself thinking back to the card with the gift tags the most. I love those.”

She continued, “I like to have all the food at the shower on one table and everyone take turns walking around, saying hi, and tasting all the yummy snacks.”

Read on to learn more of Gottleib’s great advice for hosting a memorable baby shower! and learn more about baby shower or gender reveal for second and subsequent children.

Melissa Click is an author and an award-winning journalist.

How to make it memorable

If you’re planning a baby shower or a big, crazy, blowout party, you need to think about the guests as well as your guests. Do you invite friends and family, or do you focus on a more exclusive, invite-only crowd? Your guest list is just as important as your theme. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your new baby’s grandparents and extended family. Instead of inviting a few close friends, give every single one of them an invitation. You might find that those few friends are more interested in seeing what they missed out on!

Another idea is to plan a spa night, or something similar. For example, a couple came in with their baby and showed us their beautiful family video with their twin boys. We were blown away by how into it they were, as was the entire office.


One of the most important ways to make your  gender reveal party baby shower memorable is to keep your guests engaged and interact with one another. Being at your friend’s house will be relaxing and so much fun! There is no need to have every detail perfect. The baby shower should be a fun time with little stress. Hopefully you can plan your baby shower with the help of some of our super successful parents and make it a great memory for yourself and your family.

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