Simple Solutions for Clean Air

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Air is a basic need for life. But for it to serve its intended purpose, it has to be clean. Otherwise, it may cause many health problems. All living things including plants and animals cannot do without air. One of the biggest challenges we experience nowadays is getting quality air. You have seen some people even traveling to some places in search of clean air. Air pollution is majorly caused by daily human activities such as farming activities and industries.

Breathing polluted air can cause you serious health problems, some of which are difficult to treat. To avoid such consequences, you need to ensure that the air around you is clean by practicing the following:


1. Bring Nature indoors for Clean Air

Plants are known to purify air naturally. That is because they take in carbon IV oxide that usually forms the central part of air pollutants. The gas is produced by several means such as industry emission. Gas is very harmful to human health.

Plants take in the carbon IV oxide and give out oxygen that animals use. Through the exchange of the two gases, plants help to purify the air. Some of the plants you can have inside your house include aloe plants, English Ivy, Rubber Tree, and many more.

2. Open the Windows and Keep the Floors Clean

Keeping air inside your house clean is one of the measures to maintain good health. Your home, especially when it is new, does not always have proper air circulation. It re-circulates the same air over and over, which may not be safe for your health. By opening your windows, you are letting dirty air move out and clean air in. That will enable you always to breathe clean air which is safe for your health.

Another way to ensure you get quality indoor air is to clean the floors. Floors are known to attract tiny dust particles. The ease with which the dust particles are attracted to your floor depends on the material it is made of. Some fabrics attract more dust than others. Despite all that, you still need to regularly clean your flows to allow you to breathe fresh air inside your house.

3. Change Your Air Filters According to Your Manufacturers Recommendations

Most people nowadays prefer to buy air filters for their homes because that is the most efficient way to ensure you have clean air in your home. Getting clean air naturally is challenging because human activities constantly pollute the air and cannot be avoided. Therefore, to ensure the air around your home is continuously clean, artificial means is the most efficient way.

Clean furnace filters will effectively remove any dirt particles ranging from dust to invisible particles in the air. On the other hand, a dirty filter will trap the dirt particles and act as their reservoir. That will make the air inside your house to be constantly dirty.

It is advisable to change your air filter every month to have clean air all through. When changing the air filters, it is essential to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Buy precisely the one they recommended for you; otherwise, you may not get the desired air quality in your house.

4. Turn Your Furnace Blower On

One of the best tips to maintain clean air indoors at maximum level is turning your furnace blower on. This will enhance air circulation in your house all the time. You also need to ensure your furnace has a filter system with UV lights. The UV light kills microbial bacteria and mold spores, which may cause unclean air in your house. A furnace well equipped with UV light filtration will clean your air up to 90%.

5. Reduce Humidity and Mold Using Dehumidifiers and Exhaust Fans

Humidity accumulated inside the house can be a significant source of unclean air. That is because it forms a conducive environment for non-green plants such as molds and bacteria. Humidity can be accumulated inside the house due to cooking, bathing, and even breathing. Use dehumidifiers to help you reduce humidity in your home.


Fresh air is essential for your health. By practicing the tips mentioned above, you will ensure you live in a place with clean air.


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