Uses of Electro Pneumatic Regulator

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This regulator is also known as the apparatus that is used to control the compressed air or gas pressure in pneumatic applications. Generally the working mechanism of a proportional pressure regulator is very easy and simple. A programmable logic controller (PLC) or any other device is used to send the signal to the regulator about the fluctuations of the input. After receiving that piece of information the regulator adjusts the pneumatic output according to the need of the user. In the earlier times, pneumatic powered devices were used in the industrial process with the manual pressure regulators. It was never a piece of cake to reach at the desired pressure like it is today. 

Uses of Electro Pneumatic Regulator


Where are Pneumatic Regulators Used?

These regulators are used in many common home and industrial applications to reduce the pressure and maintain a constant pressure according to the desire of the user. Most widely they are used in heating furnaces, gas grills, and in medical equipment etc. They are perfect when you have to deal with the gases and the pressure must be controlled closely.  

Medical Equipments:


Electro pneumatic regulators are used in many life saving devices such as in oxygen cylinders and anesthesia devices. Usually, we don’t think about these regulators when we see the machines and equipment in a hospital but they are essential to perform many important tasks in our daily life. If we don’t use a regulator in these devices then the irregular flow of the oxygen can become the cause of a person’s death.

Air Furnaces:

The air furnace in the homes uses a digital air pressure regulator to maintain a constant pressure in the system. If you don’t use an electro pneumatic regulator and pressure messed up in the systems then your home can explode or you may not get the precise heating during the winter season. So knowing the pressure of your system is necessary if you’re handling the pressure in your home air furnace or in any industrial process. 

Pneumatic Airguns:

Airguns are used for small hunting games, pest control and recreation of shooting and competitive sports etc. These guns projectiles by using Pneumatic potential energy. The pressurised air is stored in the gun and is released by the electronic pressure regulator valve when the user presses the trigger. 


Moreover, having a high pressure in your system can risk damage to your system and a low pressure means that you are not getting the quality output. This is why it is good to have an electro pneumatic regulator in your machine or system. Along with providing safety they also help your machines to work more efficiently with the exact air pressure that they need to operate. In this way, you can save energy and obtain an optimized output by utilizing an electronic air pressure regulator. 

Final Thoughts:

If you want to reduce human error and save your time then you should consider a good quality electro pneumatic regulator that provides safety in the workplace and a few more years of life to your machine. 

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