The Best Places to Park an RV in a City

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The Best Places to Park an RV in a City: The Ultimate Guide

You’ve recently arrived at a campground in the U.S. city you love the most, with an entire week dedicated to discovering the best parts of the city. However, you also need to secure a parking spot for your RV. While parking it at the campground is an option, if you’re keen on experiencing the city as thoroughly as we are, you’ll want to find a spot that doesn’t cost anything. Luckily, numerous cities are now providing complimentary RV parking for individuals like ourselves.


Car-Camping Another big part of RVing involves choosing where to camp out overnight. How many sites do you need? Do you need hookups? And, finally, how far is it from the RV park to the city’s attractions? We’ve got the answer in the next section. Car-Camping is one of the most popular ways to travel when you’re traveling with a full-time RV. Most RVers would rather sleep in their own RV than in a tent or a tent-camping car. They prefer the security of a concrete floor and the convenience of a flushing toilet. Even if you don’t camp out, car-camping allows you to experience nature on your own terms. Plus, you’re able to go into the city to experience its culture without having to drive for two to three hours each day. Porch-Camping Porch-camping is another popular way to travel.

The Best Cities to Park an RV

Without further ado, here are the six best cities to park an RV in a city. Buena Vista, FL Buena Vista is a small mountain town that’s in Florida’s central panhandle. Nestled on the banks of the Withlacoochee River, Buena Vista is a great spot to spend a relaxing, midweek afternoon. There are some beautiful views from the areas surrounding the river and the river itself flows right into the campground. Hoover, AL Hoover is located in the city of Birmingham. It’s a short drive to the airport, the city center and a world of fun is just a short 15-minute drive away. The downtown area is lively and filled with lots of places to eat, drink and shop. It’s a fun little city that can be enjoyed in a day, and then left to explore on your own.

The Best Campgrounds in Cities

Cities have parks and campgrounds for just about every taste and need. But which ones are the best? Here’s a list of the best places to park an RV in a city. Boston, MA The New England city of Boston has many incredible historic sites and parks to visit. Traveling to Boston and camping is a great option for RVers with plenty of options for free RV parking, including: Grand Army Plaza (914 Washington St., Boston) Thousands of years old, Grand Army Plaza is the site of the famous Boston Tea Party. With nice trails and even a lake, you’ll enjoy the fresh air and scenery while you sit and enjoy a cup of tea and a snack. (914 Washington St., Boston) Thousands of years old, Grand Army Plaza is the site of the famous Boston Tea Party.

The Best RV Parking Lots

The City of Davis, CA (not the government) offers free RV parking at its Kerr Park. “Every year, 60,000 people visit our city and enjoy its outdoor recreation,” says Director of Public Affairs Jordan Saal. “Through an ordinance passed in 2001, the City provides free RV parking at Kerr Park. Kerr Park is our Main Beach, and a free parking lot for RVs allows visitors to arrive in an RV and stay over two weeks to fully experience the amenities of our great city. The RV park is located just south of City Hall, between A and B Streets.” There are also several city-owned and operated RV sites available for rent at many RV parks across the United States.


With a little planning, and a lot of creativity, it’s never been easier to enjoy the great cities of the U.S. We hope you’ll use our expert advice to find an RV camping spot that’s right for you.

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